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Ralph Buultjens

Ralph Buultjens is a professor at New York University, and the former Nehru Professor/Professorial Fellow at the University of Cambridge.  He was awarded the Toynbee Prize for Social Sciences in 1984.
Selected Publications:
Conceptualizing Global History (with Bruce Mazlish, 2004)
The Destiny of freedom: Political Legacies of the Twentieth Century (Louis Nizer lecture on public policy, 1999)
Politics and History: Lessons for Today (1986)
The Secret Life of Karl Marx (1985)
Last Updated: May 21, 2007



Volume 28, no. 1, January 1985
Book Review: Decolonization in Britain and France

Volume 27, no. 12, December 1984
Book Review: America Inside Out

Volume 27, no. 10, October 1984
Book Review: Cities and the Wealth of Nations

Volume 27, no. 8, August 1984
Book Review: Zhou Enlai: A Biography, The White Boned Demon: A Biography of Madame Mao Zedong, Verdict in Peking: The Trial of the Gang of Four, & The Making of a Premier: Zhao Ziyang's Provincial Career

Volume 27, no. 7, July 1984
Book Review: Her India: The Fragrance of Forgotten Years

Volume 27, no. 5, May 1984
Book Review: The Spellbinders: Charismatic Political Leadership; The Log Cabin Myth: Social Backgrounds of American Presidents; & Genius, Creativity and Leadership

Volume 27, no. 3, March 1984
Book Review: The Power of Rome: The Vatican in the Age of Liberal Democracies

Volume 26, no. 12, December 1983
Book Review: Peron--A Biography

Volume 26, no. 11, November 1983
Book Review: Christianity in the People's Republic of China

Volume 26, no. 10, October 1983
Book Review: The Andropov File; Andropov--New Challenge to the West; Andropov; & Yuri Andropov: A Secret Passage into the Kremlin

Volume 26, no. 9, September 1983
Book Review: Challenges to Communism

Volume 26, no. 6, June 1983
Book Review: Non-Alignment: Origins, Growth and Potential for World Peace

Volume 26, no. 5, May 1983
Excursus: The Politics of Expulsion: The Consequences of Repatriation

Volume 25, no. 10, October 1982
Excursus: The Gandhi Visit and Indo-American Relations

Volume 25, no. 7, July 1982
Book Review: Trade and Aid: Eisenhower's Foreign Economic Policy, 1953-1961

Volume 25, no. 6, June 1982
Kissinger and the Limits of Power

Volume 23, no. 3, March 1980
In Conversation with Sanjay Gandhi

Volume 22, no. 11, November 1979
Correspondence: "China After Mao"

Volume 22, nos. 7-8, July-August 1979
China After Mao

Volume 21, no. 9, September 1978
Excursus: Mrs. Ghandi and Human Rights

Volume 21, no. 3, March 1978
Correspondence: "Stalin and the Cold War"; "With Mrs. Gandhi"

Volume 21, no. 3, March 1978
The Third World's Other First Lady

Volume 20, no. 12, December 1977
"No Room For Vengeance": An Interview With Indira Gandhi

Volume 20, no. 6, June 1977
Book Review: Conversations with the Late Empress

Volume 19, nos. 1-2, January-February 1976
The Buddhist and the Secular

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