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Robert J. Myers
(President, Carnegie Council, 1980-1995)

Robert J. Myers

Robert J. Myers was President of the Carnegie Council from 1980 to 1995. He is currently a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. He co-founded the Washingtonian magazine and was publisher of The New Republic. Myers served with the Department of Army and the Department of State in Asia, including as deputy chief of the CIA, Far East division.

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Selected Publications:
  • Korea in the Cross Currents: A Century of Struggle and the Crisis of Reunification (2001)
  • Korea in the 20th Century: From Colonialism to Globalism (2000)
  • U.S. Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: The Relevance of Realism (1999)

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    Volume 28, No. 7, July 1985
    Book Review: The Foreign Policy Systems of North and South Korea

    Volume 28, no. 5, May 1985
    Under Cover: The Rashomon Effect

    Volume 28, no. 3, March 1985
    Under Cover: Another Chance for Cambodia?

    Volume 28, no. 2, February 1985
    Under Cover: Flights of Fancy

    Volume 27, no. 12, December 1984
    Excursus: NATO at Thirty-Five

    Volume 27, no. 6, June 1984
    Book Review: Sharing Destiny: A Study of Global Integration

    Volume 27, no. 3, March 1984
    Book Review: Law, Morality, and the Relations of States

    Volume 26, no. 12, December 1983
    Excursus: The View from NATO

    Volume 26, no. 8, August 1983
    Excursus: The Moral High Ground

    Volume 26, no. 2, February 1983
    Two Chinas Revisited

    Volume 25, no. 10, October 1982
    Publisher's Note: Reflections On A Quarter-Century

    Volume 25, no. 6, June 1982
    Excursus: The Limits of Truth

    Volume 24, no. 10, October 1981
    CRIA Symposium: The U.S. and Korea: Values in Conflict

    Volume 24, no. 7, July 1981
    Excursus: The Revolt Against Modernity

    Volume 24, no. 4, April 1981
    Book Review: China: Its History and Culture

    Volume 24, no. 3, March 1981
    Report of CRIA's President, 1981

    Volume 24, no. 1, January 1981
    Excursus: Soft Notes From the Blue House

    Volume 23, no. 10, October 1980
    Coda: Hans J. Morgenthau: The Quest for Justice

    Volume 23, no. 6, June 1980
    Book Review: Mythology: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

    Volume 23, no. 5, May 1980
    Excursus: The Global Village

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